# The Folk Art Exhibition

Folk Art Exhibition
The Museum of Applied Art
July 2, 2018

The folk art exhibits, collected by the eminent personalities of the Lithuanian state and culture and proudly
demonstrated at the first Lithuanian folk art exhibitions more than hundred years ago, had strongly contributed
to the formation of the modern national culture. A live spring of tradition still gushes, constantly
renewing, reminding of what we have inherited, what has held our identity, aesthetic feeling of taste, beauty
and harmony.
One part of the 2018 Folk Art Exhibition will be composed of those historical documents and exhibits of
the first exhibitions, preserved in the museums. The other part will traditionally showcase creations of the
imitative arts (sculpture, painting, graphics), applied arts (textile, ceramics, smithery, woodcrafting), traditional
arts (Easter eggs, traditional straw constructions (sodai), decorative palms for Palm Sunday (verbos),
masks), created over the last five years. The most representative pieces of artistry and tradition will be
selected in all Lithuanian regions and the exhibition will showcase works of about 500 craftsmen.