# Song day

Song Day “May the Unity Blossom“
The stage of Vingis Park
July 6

We are all children of the nation, children of Lithuania, we all know that the future of the nation is also
our future. A lively young human being, sensitive to the world, mature and diligent cannot live without the
homeland. The homeland is loved like the mother, the homeland is the mother. Lithuania is mother spreading
love to all her children. We should return her honour and love. Ever growing love.
We sing songs to witness the present and the past. But songs lay on the ground as carpets to guide people to
the future. And then we suddenly understand there are no past generation – we are all alive in this moment,
alive in our songs and chants.
Lithuania standing on such foundations cannot be closed to innovations, contemporary music trends. Lithuania
needs new energy filling us with contemporary forms of creation.
Therefore we will sing and chant on the Song Day all – over 12 000 singers on the stage and thousands
of spectators together with them. The programme of the Song Day will gradually unfold the main ideas
of our national anthem, but the most important is that the National Chant will be singed together by all
Lithuanians here and around the world at the same time. We will feel we are not three, but all four millions
and the greatest creation of our thoughts and emotions is Lithuania. We can make a single wish – “May the
Unity Blossom”.