# Theatre Day

Theatre Day “For Oneself, Nation, Humanity“
The Castles’ teritorry, Bernardinai Garden and the Cathedral Square
July 4

The commemoration of the centenary anniversary of the Lithuanian State at the Theatre Day will also be dedicated to the commemoration of philosopher, humanist, writer of the Lithuania Minor Vydūnas (Vilhelmas Storosta) and his 150th birth anniversary. The man who celebrated the humanness as the highest value, who aspired to foster a nation of conscious and free people, Vydūnas created a programme for free and responsible personality development entitled “A Human Being For Oneself, Nation, Humanity“. The ideas of peaceful confrontation against the denationalisation of Lithuanians in the East Prussia had greatly influenced the principles of the Sąjūdis national movement, which became so important in the fight for the Independence of Lithuania and defending it on the 13th of January 1991. On the Theatre Day on the stages of Bernardinai Garden and the Cathedral Square children and youth theatre groups will present poetical compositions „Lithuania, Our Homeland“, the puppet theatres will perform dramas and plays by Vydūnas. In the Vincas Kudirka Square and Simonas Daukantas Square,
inner yards of the Vilnius University, at the monument of King Mindaugas adult amateur theatres will present original publicistic performances about personalities which had contributed to the creation of the Lithuanian State. The main character of all the plays will be Vydūnas. Students of the Klaipėda University will act as “philosophers” thus linking the entire programme of the Theatre Day.
The Day will end up with the children theatre performances on the stage of the Cathedral Square, joining hands to
form a human ring around the Gediminas Hill and climbing the hill to sing Vydūnas’ chant “Lithuania, Dear Land“.