# Ensembles’ Evening

Ensembles’ Evening “Our Homeland”
Kalnai Park
July 4
For our existence, our language, our Homeland we are thankful to the ancesstors, which were
raised and fostered by the same land. Without own land the nation cannot survive and hold its
identity. Therefore our land was incessantly safeguarded and defended by our fathers and grandfathers,
their fathers and grandfathers.
The theatrical concert of the Ensembles’ Evening will reflect the cornerstones of the foundation of
the State – identity, family, diligence and love for the Homeland.
The Programme will be composed of four parts: “Our Ancestors. Tribes”, “Family”, “Work – Daily
Bread”, “For the Freedom of Homeland”, the Prologue and the Final. The Programme will be rendered
by over 4 000 participants of the concert – song and dance ensembles, folk instrument
ensembles and orchestras, folk music capellas, folk singers and solo instrument players.