# Dance day

Dance Day “Rolling the Sun Circle”
Stadium of the Lithuanian Football Federation
July 5
The independence of Lithuania rose out of the well of traditional culture. The retrieval of freedom was
essential for the survival of the nation and the consolidation of its identity; it actualised the spirit of the
glorious past into a dignified state. The words from the national anthem “Let the sun light the glooms of
Lithuania” rose up to the sun.
The image of the Sun was chosen as a thematic link of the Dance Day.
The dawn, the break of morning at the sunrise associates with the retreat of the dark, the victory of light
over darkness, vitality over stagnation, sound over silence. As a faithful companion of everyone’s life the
Sun has become the symbol of light, hope, good and vitality.
The Dance Day concert “Rolling the Sun Circle” consists of four parts, artistic dialogues of dance groups
of all ages, conveying the meanings of national symbols, expressions of natural vitality, set-up of routine
works and ritual celebrations in the cycle of the a year, the joy of youth and the feeling of unity of all Lithuanians
coming from all parts of the world. The final composition of 8 000 participants will visualise the
resistance of the nation, its vitality, the desire to follow the road of progress and renovation, to overcome
daily challenges together. To follow the light together as one family… in the name of Lithuania…