# Wind Instruments Orchestras Concert

Concert of Wind Instruments Orchestras
“Brass Storm”
“Siemens” Arena
July 5

For the third time in the Lithuanian Song Celebration‘s history the concert of wind instrument orchestras
as an independent part of the programme will be held indoors at the “Siemens” Arena.
The genre of wind orchestras in Lithuania fosters authentic historical traditions. It allows innovatively
and contemporary combining various musical styles, choreography, scenic and special effects
of modern technologies and originally reflecting the idea of the National Chant, the development of
Lithuania, from the mighty past, the foundation of the state, its loss, the restoration and the future.
Most of the compositions are specially written for the celebration. Performed by numerous groups of
trombone players, drummers, saxophone players, children, youth and students orchestras, as well as
professional military orchestras, the state wind instruments orchestra “Trimitas”, guests from Estonia
and Latvia, the compositions will symbolically recreate the most important historical and recent
events of the State, reflect the desire for unity, freedom, peace and consolidation.