# Procession of Celebration’s Participants from Cathedral Square to Vingis Park

From the Cathedral Square
to Vingis Park
July 6
The procession of the Song and dance celebration’s participants will be held on the Statehood
Day, which commemorates the coronation of the Lithuanian King Mindaugas. The procession
is one of the most colourful joyful, vital events of the celebration, which continues the historical
traditions of processions (greeting of Dukes, religious festivals, handcraft guilds).
The singing and dancing human river, celebrating the historical past of Lithuania, the restoration
of the statehood, the everyday creation of the state by the efforts of the entire Lithuanian
society, towns and regions, will flow from the Cathedral Square to Vingis Park to greet the
most important and final event of the Celebration – the Song Day.
This will be the procession of the century, symbolically adjoined by all people of Lithuania.